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our mentorship portfolio

Hi, Welcome.

You're here to view our mentorship portfolio and we're super excited to share with you what went on

at our previous mentorship programmes.


We hope that gives you an insight to what the mentorship entails and helps you decide if the 16 day programme would be a good fit for you.

All works featured here were created by our mentee. 


What we achieved


Learnt & practiced floral arrangement skills


Gained clarity in workflow & created a shopping process for future customers


Created products for catalogue, built mentee's portfolio on wedding florals


Exposure to collaborating with corporates on projects

Building an e-store catalogue

Swipe to browse the products our mentee has created, under the guidance of Lowee.
The mentorship programme teaches floral arrangement skills on various vessels and is an intensive learning process. By the end of the programme, our mentee has built a catalogue that is ready to be launched for her flower business. 

All the hardwork was worth it when we saw our mentee improved in her floral arrangement skills over 4 weeks and gained clarity and confidence in how she wanted to run her flower business.

Creating portfolio for weddings

In our programme, we strongly encourage all our mentees to venture into wedding flower arrangements as with the bulk floral orders, more significant profit margins can be observed for flower businesses. We discussed with our mentee on the color palettes she wanted to experiment with, pricing of wedding flowers, processes and booked a studio to shoot for her ratescard.