Start Up Programme

A biz 1 - 1 mentorship by Keira Floral to help individuals build the fundamentals to start their floral business. 


Start-Up with Keira Floral is a comprehensive one-to-one mentorship programme crafted for individuals who have long dreamt about starting their own floral business. Through a semi-customised programme, you'll work closely together with Lowee to build the creative framework required to prepare for the launch of your flower business.


This would be a 12 day programme, stretched across 4 weeks where you will learn actual floral arrangement strategies, discuss e-store layout (using wix), moodboard creation and pitching ideas to wedding and corporate clients. You will also get lowee's advise on social media planning and learn how to conduct a floral workshop on your own.


Note: During the mentorship, the mentee is required to purchase the flowers directly from local wholesalers as flowers would not be provided during the mentorship. However, there will be guidance provided to help you determine what craft materials to purchase.