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Start Up Programme

A one to one mentorship by Keira Floral to help individuals build the fundamentals to start their floral business. 


Start-Up with Keira Floral is a comprehensive one-to-one mentorship programme crafted for individuals who have long dreamt about starting their own floral business. Through a semi-customised programme, you'll work closely together with Lowee to build the creative framework required to prepare you for the launch of your flower business.

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This is a 16 day programme, stretched across 4 weeks where you will learn actual floral arrangement strategies, discuss e-store catalogue, create moodboard and practice pitching styling ideas etc. You will also get lowee's advice on social media planning, copywriting and learn how to conduct a floral workshop on your own. Get access to Keira Floral's work templates and resources.

We had our first and second mentee who completed this programme, click Here to browse what we achieved together!

What areas would the mentorship programme cover? 


 Catalogue &

Ratescard creation

What color palettes are popular among consumers and how much to price gift bouquets? What to reply to a wedding enquiry? Work alongside Lowee to create your own sample products to add into your e-store catalogue and learn how Lowee edit photographs on her mobile.


Flower arrangement techniques & practices

You will get lots of training and practice in floral arrangement. From bouquets to centrepieces to flower boxes and arches, You will also be taught how to plan and conduct flower workshops for your future clients as a supplementary avenue of income to your business.


E-store layout planning & copywriting

The goal of this programme is to get you ready to start taking online orders. We'll use a website creator that you prefer and Lowee will advise you on the aesthetics aspect of presenting your products on your e-commerce store as well as copywriting for your brand.


Moodboard creation & facilitating discussions 

A critical part of wedding and corporate events is building a moodboard for the client and to get them onboard the aesthetic vision you have for them. You'll also get to practice pitching your ideas to Lowee to get constructive feedback.

Note: During the training, the mentee is required to purchase the flowers directly from local wholesalers as flowers would not be provided during the mentorship. However, there will be guidance provided to help you determine what craft materials to purchase. Depending on the mentee's needs, the above mentioned areas may be subjected to change.

Training Fee: S$8,800

Register your interest here and get a copy of the training programme itinerary.

Join the 2 pax mentorship programme and save $1000.
We'll match you with another mentee to join the programme together.

Note: this option may require a longer wait for the programme to commence.

What you'll learn

With Lowee's 8 years of experience in running Keira Floral and her style of coaching in an authentic and transparent manner, the goal of this 1-1 mentorship programme is to help build the fundamentals and structure you need to get your flower business started. 


At the end of the course, we want you to feel confident about your own floral arrangement styles, gain clarity in the logistics and prep work needed to run a floral event smoothly, and be ready to take on your first customer. The mentee should be mentally prepared that this programme is intensive in its trainings and he or she should be ready to commit fully to the process to maximise their own learnings.


already running your own flower business but would like to have a customized consultation? Let's chat!

If you are currently running your flower business but would like to get Lowee's advices or training in specific areas you have in mind, drop us an email at to customize a personalized session. 

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