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A note from our founder, Lowee

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting our small flower boutique!

I am Lowee and Keira Floral begin as an inspiration from my love

and curiosity for Mother Nature and Wildlife. 

We are most known for our designs that are organic,

free-spirited, and rustic. Our styling strategies and floral designs 

are inspired by our clients' stories, their quirks and imagination.

Most recently we also started our Floral School for aspiring florists

or flower-enthusiasts. While there is no quick fix to floral crafting, learning

from someone who shares your styling philosophy and taste will definitely

give you a great head start to the world of floristry.

Our team also had the honour of working with clients such as

Amara Hotel Singapore, Lloyds Inn, H&M, Tag Heuer, SK Jewellery,

Olivia Burton, Fresh Beauty, Gaston Luga Sweden,

The Closet Lover,  MTM, Perk by Kate, Ksisters, Storis, Fashmob, The DC Edit etc.

These are milestones we are truly grateful for and we cannot wait

to share the beautiful language of flowers with you. 

Thank you for journeying with us!





or visit us directly on @keirafloral

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