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Welcome to School of Keira Floral 

Signature 3 Day Floral Design Course 

What's beautiful and frustrating about working with materials of Nature is that no two materials are the same. The thorns on each rose, the movement of which foliage is unpredictable and beyond our control. This apprehension is an inspiration to our floral designs and crafts and we are really excited to share our floral styling philosophies with you. 

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Hop on a floral adventure with us.


Programme Details





9am - 10am:

Introduction to class materials, conditioning and caring of flowers

10am - 12.30pm:

Bridal bouquet making

12.30pm - 1.30pm: Lunch Break


1.30pm - 2.30pm:

Boutonniere making

2.30pm - 4.30pm:

Festive wreath making

9am - 10am:

Sharing on process of event styling with clients and the how-to for moodboards

10am - 12.30pm:

Bowl centrepiece making


12.30pm - 1.30pm: Lunch Break 

1.30pm - 2.30pm

Centrepiece making using floral frog pins

2.30pm - 3pm: Short break

3 - 5pm:

Glass vase floral arrangement

9am - 11.30am

Backdrop installation Part 1

(floor foam hedges)

11.30am - 12.30pm: Lunch Break

12.30pm - 3pm:

Backdrop installation Part II

Group work on deconstructed floral arch

3pm - 3.45pm:

Demonstration on tablescape styling with centrepieces created in Day 2, with time

for free & easy photography


The Signature Floral Design Course is suitable for participants who are beginners, floral enthusiasts, individuals considering a career venture as florists or current florists who are looking to upgrade their skills. Participants with no experience but love flowers are most welcome to join us as well! Prior experience is not needed for this workshop. 


This workshop is spread over 3 days.

Students are required to attend all three days.

Class Fee: S$2380

Venue: Home studio of Keira Floral

Leaf Pattern Design

oh hello, see you in class.


Apart from honing your knowledge and techniques in handling flowers,
We hope you leave the workshop feeling rejuvenated.
and loved of course, for Mother Nature is healing.
While we live in an concrete jungle here in Singapore, 
there are still many ways in which we can reconnect with Nature.
At Keira Floral, we do so with flowers and we hope that it'll bring you comfort and hope. We are thankful to have this opportunity to nourish weary hearts and hope your time with us in class will lift you up a little higher. 

Students' Reviews


Rachel (@whollybe_blooms)

"..the openness in sharing was 
appreciated, most courses we are not sure if the trainers will actually share and impart as much knowledge as possible since it can also create even more competition. It was a well balance course that covers a range of different techniques, styles and tips for the students to take what we've learnt and apply it practically in different ways and styles. The pace was good, flow of the course was great as you end with the challenging floral arch installation."


Mona (@thefloralpractice)

"The course was amazing - well structured, well delivered and covered all the necessary aspects of floristry for weddings. Despite that focus, that itself taught me alot on how to style normal occasion bouquets and flowers for the home. Super useful! and personally it was really nice to spend 3 full days with so much flowers."

IMG_9932 2.JPG

Rachel (@rachelchanying)

"This floral workshop taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life. The littlest details can make a huge difference. Even if you dont intend on doing floral arrangements regularly, taking time off your usual routine to attend a floral workshop might be the timeout you need. There is so much serenity and joy to being surrounded by the beauty nature has to offer. I was surprised at how therapeutic floral arranging could be (especially under the warm guidance of Lowee)."

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