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About Us

Our floral creations are inspired by Mother Nature, how flora and fauna grow in the least expected places and yet are carefree and seemingly happy. We specialise in creating bespoke floral designs that are organic and romantic, customised according to our clients' stories and events. 

Flowers should be a part of how we live life. Each floral work here is meant to celebrate the beautiful connection between Man and Nature. 

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Our Floral Courses

Keira Floral Crafting Studio provides a variety of floral design courses so you could pick lessons that truly meet your needs. 

For a complete floral learning experience, find out more about our 3 Day Floral Design Course. If you are looking for some fun with your besties or colleagues, seasonal shorter workshop options are also available so do keep a lookout for our latest updates via our instagram @keirafloral. 

We want you to rewind and fully immerse yourself in the experience during class. Welcome to the world of flowers. 

Stalk us on instagram @keirafloral 

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