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Crafting Studio



Our floral creations are inspired by Mother Nature, how flora and fauna grow in the least expected places and yet are carefree and seemingly happy. Life in its own shape and form, having its own space, gently humble. 


In Roald Dahl words, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. We love wondering where the mountain paths lead to, the odd looking scabiosa pods, wrinkled dried roses and petals that never bloomed. 


Each floral work here is a statement piece meant to celebrate the beautiful connection between Man and Nature. 

Weddings & Events Floral Styling

From corporate events to weddings and home stylings, simply let us know your theme and we'll do the curating and crafting for you! 

With our bespoke styling services, our team works closely with our clients to offer floral decoration designs best suited for various budgets. 

Well, not sure how much you feel for flowers but we truly believe that a well-decorated event not only offers a warm welcome to your guests, it also shares details about the hosts' personalities and stories - so very valuable when you dont have much personal time to spend with your guests within the short time frame of your event. 


Keira Floral Crafting Studio works as the same concept as a school. A variety of well-thought courses are provided so you could pick lessons that truly meet your needs. 

For a complete floral learning experience, you could pick  from our curated courses such as the Signature Beginner Floral Course, Bouquet Intensive Workshop, Advance Floral Class, or Wedding Specific floral arrangements.

We do provide ala-carte options as well. This means that if you don't quite like the lesson combination we provide, you could mix and match the lessons you prefer. Simple tell us your preferences so chat us up and we could bring this to a further discussion!


We won't bite!

(okay maybe in some cases just a little!) 

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Florals in its own shape and form, having its own space.

Resilient yet delicate, yearning yet peaceful all at once.

- Lowee, founder



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