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It is said that if you have found that special someone whom you want to spend an eternity with, gift this person a bouquet of 9 roses.

This scarlet rose bouquet has 9 kenya red roses, bundled into in a pretty beanpaste colored wrapping. Each bouquet comes with an in-house designed postcard where your message would be handwritten on.


Delivery is available at +18 sgd upon check out.

Delivery dates only for 13 Feb, 14 Feb.

Orders placed for other delivery dates would be refunded without notice. 

This bouquet is about 5-6 inch in diameter.


* Note: if the type of leaf featured in this bouquet is not available, it would be replaced with a next best matching alternative foliage. Positioning & color may differ in actual flowers due to lighting editing and the fact that each stalk of flower is unique on its own. 

Scarlet Rose Bouquet