Please read description below photograph before purchase.

Jolly Beans

For that special bestie or someone who always make you feel warm and fuzzy, almost like you've got an overdosed of jelly beans! Top up only S$20 to have the flowers arranged in a glass vase. Note: Bouquet featured in photo is of 12 inch diameter, choosing a 9 inch diameter option would look smaller. 


Do note that the reference photos here are just for illustration. Your order may look different in terms of the material used as flowers are seasonal and always subject to availability. In the event that certain materials featured are not available, our floral designers would replace them with an alternative flower/foliage without notice. However, the color palette , lushness and style would remain similar, we love making pretty things so dont worry! 


Order 2 working days in advance or orders would be refunded without notice *

Delivery is available at +16 sgd upon check out.

For urgent orders please try to get in touch with us via 8838 2282 
(only between 10am to 6pm) 



* Note: Our photos have been edited for marketing and branding purposes, positioning & color may differ in actual flowers due to lighting editing and the fact that each stalk of flower is unique on its own. 

Jolly Beans

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