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MerryLove Box

Gift your friends and loved ones a customised box of goodness from our thoughtfully curated selection of gift items. Build your own box according to your receiver in mind and their preferences! Simply scroll our list of available gifting options and add them to your very own MerryLove Box.

Be sure to cart out our in-house designed Christmas postcards to ensure that your receiver knows they are extra loved by you!

So start building your box now, and have fun!


  • Each MerryLove Box order includes local delivery fees to you or your receiver.

  • Please check-out one box at a time to ensure that items selected are for its respective box.

  • For 2 or more MerryLove Box orders to be sent to a single shipping address, kindly check-out your items per box and leave a note upon check-out for the total number of boxes ordered to the same address. Additional delivery fees for orders after your first box will be refunded to you after payment has been made. Our merry little team will get in touch with you via email to liaise the refund process with you!