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Happy CNY from our team family to yours!

What's beautiful and frustrating about working with Nature is that no two materials are the same. How quickly each flower blooms, the movement of each foliage, is unpredictable and beyond our control. This apprehension is an inspiration to our floral designs and crafts and we are really excited to share our floral styling philosophies with you. 


The FLOW: Signature Floral Crafting Workshops teaches participants techniques to crafting romantic, free style bridal bouquets and lush Centrepieces using a foam-free strategy. There would also be a group work on creating a floral arch as well as an insight to basic tablescape styling. For the bridal bouquet and centrepiece crafting, each participant gets to create their own work. 


This course is suitable for beginners with no floral crafting experience, floral enthusiasts or florists who are looking to upgrade their own skills. 


Signature Floral Design 


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